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Welcome to the Jordan/Jurgens Family Tree site. I have been gathering data on and off since 1998, picking up from a family reunion held by Bob and Carol Geis over the summer of 1990. The reunion brought together cousins who had not seen each other in years (my father and his generation), as well as the later generations who had never met (my generation and younger), and a few of the remaining older generation. We took pictures spanning four generations that weekend!

Needless to say, I was bitten by the family tree research bug, but didn't really have a chance to do anything about it until I finished college (I was in high school at the time of the reunion). Then the Internet started to provide a lot of fodder for research. It also helped that some decent family tree software started to emerge to help with organization of information.

In any case, on with the family tree information!

Created: April 20, 2000 / Last Updated: September 16, 2012