Pennsic 35, Ponte Alto Baronial Court - August 15, 2006

Pictures from Ponte Alto Baronial Court held during Pennsic 35 on August 15, 2006.

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Pennsic 35 Baron Marcellus looking spiff
Pennsic 35 Mistress Allasondrea takes Lady Perronelle as her apprentice
Pennsic 35 Mistress Allasondrea diplays the contract
Pennsic 35 Mistress Allasondrea explains the significance of the apprentice belt
Pennsic 35 Lady Perronelle now wears her apprentice belt
Pennsic 35 The contract is separated so that each party may have a copy
Pennsic 35 Lady Perronelle says a few words
Pennsic 35 The contract is sealed with a hug!
Pennsic 35 Fearless Land Agent Lord Miles calls up the Handi-camp
Pennsic 35 Damian and Samantha are given wooden spoons since they cannot be trusted to use edged utensils
Pennsic 35 Brigid is given a puppet to use as a pot holder
Pennsic 35 Baron Marcellus bestows his Ponte Alto belt favor, which he has carried with him in every battle, to Drusus for his dedication to Ponte Alto even when living out of Kingdom
Pennsic 35 Lady Brigid is awarded the Ponte d'Argento for her Sciptorium work (and the amazing cow-train!)
Pennsic 35 Lady Brigid's Ponte d'Argento
Pennsic 35 The gleeful Brigid departs
Pennsic 35 Lord Jurgen is the next Ponte d'Argento victim...err, recipient
Pennsic 35 Baron Marcellus praises Jurgen's weaving and brewing talents