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Music - To Drive Hurricanes Far Away

To Drive Hurricanes Far Away
(to the tune of To Drive the Cold Winter Away)

O woe are the rains
that merit more strains
on autocrats all down the coast
Last year at this time
Beware of the clime!
And Isabell by far the most
Bad fortune attends
Events of our friends
who wanted to go out and play
So we huddled inside
and prayed for a guide
to drive hurricanes far away

Now it is time
AS 39
We've had Frances, Gaston and Ivan
Rain, rain, go away
Can't we play today
With rapier, bows and rattan?
Events cancelled south
Caer Mear is rained out
Flooding is causing dismay
May the top Chalice team
Take on the dream
to drive hurricanes far away

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