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One of my entry points into the SCA was music. A college friend of mine already involved in the SCA was looking for a ride to a choir practice a few miles from where I worked and she lived. The choir turned out to be Alle Psallite, directed by Mistress Anne of Carthew. Although my college friend has since moved away, I remain active with the choir, singing alto and occasionally tenor or soprano as needed.

I have sung alto with the Pennsic Choir for the two years Missy Anne directed it as well: 2002 and 2004 (Pennsics 31 and 33). I apprenticed to Mistress Anne at Stierbach's Baronial Birthday on June 19, 2004, after which she made me section leader of the altos at Pennsic Choir 33. And newbie apprentice that I was, I did it. :) I sang tenor in Pennsic Choir at Pennsic 35 (2006) under the direction of Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope. For 2007, Mistress Arianna Morgan of Atlantia's Barony of Lochmere, Pennsic Choir Director for Pennsic 36, asked me to lead the alto section as well as create MIDI practice files for most of the pieces.


I did not branch out into the bardic scene until two years after discovering the SCA, when I started attending local bardic circles. My public bardic debut was about two months after that, at Atlantian 12th Night, January 2004, in the Royal Bard competition. Though I was not yet Missy Anne's apprentice, she suggested I go compete; it would be "good for me." Much to my surprise, singing a round, by myself, while attempting to juggle in an Italian Renaissance gown propelled me into the final round. Not a bad start as a bard!

Since then, I have filked a few songs and learned a few others. I am still VERY far behind in appropriate SCA repertoire (that doesn't require several other parts to sing!), but I haven't been at it for very long, so hopefully I will continue to expand!

I have also been working to bring juggling into the SCA bardic arena, both through teaching and performance.


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