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Ren Fest Garb - Tudor

The theme for Atlantia's Kingdom Twelfth Night 2009 was Tudor, so I put together one of my most complicated sewing projects yet, in four layers. The first two layers of the French gown ensemble are the smock and the petticoat bodies. The smock is a fairly basic pattern made of 3 oz linen, and I finally used the rolled hem feature of my serger to finish the neckline. The petticoat bodies recycle the skirt portion of a gamurra that was too large (yay!) and include the corset.

Kim in Tudor smock and petticoat bodies

The third layer is the underskirt with the pretty fabric to display in front, but not waste around the back. The now-too-large garnet gamurra was recycled as the back of the underskirt.

Add underskirt layer    Underskirt layer side view

The main gown is made of a magenta cotton velveteen with fake fur lining. I thought sewing velvet was awful - fur is MUCH worse!! I think I resewed the velveteen to the fur at least three times before I decided the lineup was close enough to move on. Here I've asked a friend to mark the hem for me. The front placard is not yet done, either, and the front needs slight adjusting. The undersleeves use the same fabric as the underskirt. The white linen poofing out of the undersleeves is not part of the smock - these are just strips of linen sewn to the underssleeves in a "poofy" configuration. The cuffs are also sewn directly to the undersleeves.

Tudor French gown in progress

I finished the placard, added most of the trim, and borrowed the French Hood for 12th Night. I still need to correct the hook and eye closures on the placard (early AM hours are not the time to line these things up), add more trim along the neckline, and add buttons/hooks to attach underskirt to skirt and undersleeves to sleeves. And make my own French hood!

Tudor French gown

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