East Ridgelawn Cemetery

East Ridgelawn Cemetery
255 Main Avenue
Clifton, NJ 07014-1317
(973) 777-1920

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The Deed to Frank and Ellen Jordan's cemetery plot, bought by Joseph W. Jordan Sr. upon his mother Ellen's death.

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Directions to gravesite:

Frank A. and Ellen C. Jordan, Section 21, Lot 838, Grave #1
Enter through main entrance, then bear right at the first fork. Turn left at the road after the blue marker for 3GP. Stay right at the next fork. Look for section 21 on the left. The grave marker (no headstone) is near a road corner, about 40 feet in from each road near the blue marker for section 21SE. The two headstones to each side of the Jordan grave marker are Hagerdon-Breeman (to the left) and Gebhard (to the right). Headstones near the corner are Curcio and Taylor. The section is across the road from the section 22 blue marker.


The blue car brush marks the location of Frank and Ellen's grave among the headstones.
Gravesite pictures taken 4/16/2000 by Kim Jordan

Created: April 21, 2000 / Last Updated: June 4, 2011