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Most of my hand craft work has been photo albums. Primarily wedding albums, as many of my friends and relatives have been getting married, but I have also already done a baby album as well. I have a few pictures of albums, although too often I made them at the last minute and did not take the time to take a picture before I sent them off.

Baby Album    Wedding Album

Here is my latest experiment, actually sewing a cover to slip on and off, rather than glueing on the fabric to a craft album. Even the lace is sewn into the seam. It worked very well for the first try. The trick was keeping the puffy batting in the album as well.

Sewn Album    Sewn Album Open

I also used my new sewing technique to make this wedding album for my friend Margery. Her wedding colors are black and white, so I tried to find some interesting white items to add to the album.

Margery's Wedding Album    Margery's Wedding Album Open

For Margery's bachelorette party, I put together this veil. And for the wedding, I assisted Margery's new mother-in-law, Carole, in decorating the yarmulke basket.

Margery's Veil    Margery's Yamulka Basket

Other craft items include two latch hook pillows. Well, really four latch hooks, which I made into pillows by stiching them together back to back in pairs. My sister and I made these latch hooks when we were much younger, but I only recently turned them into pillows. One side of each is a dog latch hook, and the other side is a cat.

Dog Pillows
cat Pillows

And I have a large stock of counted cross stitches that are in progress. I made this unicorn as a kid, but also only framed it recently:

Unicorn Cross Stitch

I made a wedding cross-sticth for my sister and her husband as a wedding present:

Pam Wedding Cross Stitch

And more wedding cross-sticthes for my friend Margery and her husband and my friend Heidi and her husband as wedding presents:

Margery Wedding Cross Stitch    Heidi Wedding Cross Stitch

And for my nephew Jordan, there is no frilly lace on this album for his actual birthday:

Jordan's Birthday Album    Jordan's Birthday Album Open

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