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January 27, 2007

EDUCATION B.S., Computer Science, Cornell University, May 1995
Graduate Certificate, Software Systems Engineering, George Mason University, May 1998
M.S., Software Engineering, George Mason University, January 2001
EXPERIENCE BDM International, Inc., Fall 1993 and Summer 1994 (Co-op), May 1995 - December 1997
TRW, Inc., Systems & Information Technology Group, January 1998 - December 2001
Northrop Grumman, Mission Systems, January 2002 - present
Languages: Java, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, C/C++, ColdFusion, Active Server Pages, Unified Modeling Language (UML)

Operating Systems: Windows XP/2000 Pro/Server, Unix (SunOS/Solaris/Linux)

Databases: Oracle 8i/9i, MS Access, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Ingres/OpenIngres, Watcom/Sybase, FoxPro
Web Servers: Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), ColdFusion Server, Oracle Application Server
Development Tools: IntelliJ, ColdFusion Studio, ERWin, Javasoft JDK/Jakarta Ant, Unix cc/gcc
General: Microsoft Office

Web Development:
  • Lead data layer developer on the Defense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System (DOEHRS) project. The system is a J2EE web application on Oracle Application Server accessing an Oracle 9iR2 Enterprise Edition database hosted on Solaris servers. Uses Oracle TopLink as the object-relational mapping tool, and also works with Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) in the business layer, plus Java Server Pages and Jakarta Struts in the presentation layer. A mobile version of the application, using standalone Oracle Containers for J2EE (OC4J) and Oracle Personal Edition database, is deployed on tablet PCs running Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.
  • Developed major portions of an Intranet site within TRW using ColdFusion and IIS on a Windows NT platform to access an Oracle 8i database. Created ColdFusion templates for other developers to use, including the general headers, footers and navigation menus as well as login and authentication through NT User Accounts. Also created templates for generic web-based document management, allowing users to upload new or updated documents and manage directories in which to store them, along with an interface to browse the uploaded documents. The document management templates are used in several sections of the site.
  • Enhanced a prototype web site for the Joint Personnel Recovery Agency to assist in data management of personnel recovery information. The web site contains online forms that high risk of capture personnel are required to fill out before departing on a mission. Created cross-browser dynamic HTML code for the client side and used Active Server Pages (ASP) on the server to store and retrieve data from an SQL Server database.
  • Created a prototype web site for the Navy to track configuration management of hardware and software systems on Navy ships. The tool uses ColdFusion Server with IIS on a Windows NT 4.0 platform to deliver a combination of data derived from multiple existing Navy data sources. Data sources included text files, Excel Spreadsheets, Oracle databases and SQL Server databases.
  • Designed and developed web pages within the BDM Intranet using Java servlets to access a Microsoft Access database located on an NT web server. The database stores terms and acronyms used within the Information Sciences group at BDM and the servlet functionality includes browse, search, insert, and update capabilities.

Software Development:

  • Corrected and enhanced the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) compliance software for the Compliance Monitoring and Tracking System (CMTS). The compliance software verifies that data being sent from the United States to the other parties in START is in compliance with all START rules and agreements. The compliance software resides on a Sun SPARCStation 20 server and uses an Ingres database to track United States assets that are treaty accountable items (TAI) and to verify that actions reported via the CMTS Windows PC client software do not violate START rules. The compliance software is developed in C using embedded SQL.
  • Enhanced the Transparency in Armaments (TIA) and Global Exchange of Military Information (GEMI) PC client software to check the data reported in these two agreements against data reported in the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty and the Confidence and Security Building Measures (CSBM) Agreement, two other treaty systems supported by CMTS. The data for all agreements and treaties resides in a Microsoft Access database on the PC client and is accessed using C++ with ODBC.
  • Configured and perfomed software installations on both PC clients and Sun servers for CMTS. Installed and configured two Solaris servers in a high availability (HA) configuration using Veritas FirstWatch HA software and Sun's Online Disk Suite disk mirroring software.

Database Administration:

  • Primary DBA and a database designer on the DOEHRS project for Oracle 9iR2 Enterprise Edition databases running in a Real Application Cluster (RAC) environment on Solaris servers, as well as for Oracle Personal Edition databases on tablet PCs running Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. DOEHRS uses Oracle Advanced Replication, both multi-master (between the web application database and the mobile staging database) and materialized view replication (between the mobile staging database and the client tablet PCs). The tablet PCs operate in a disconnected mode and then synchronize with the database servers.
  • DBA for an Oracle 8i database on Windows NT 4.0 Server for a TRW intranet site, later upgraded to Oracle 9iR2 on Windows 2000 Server. Installed and configured multiple database instances and implemeneted and documented backup and recovery procedures for the server.
  • Performed Ingres/OpenIngres DBA functions for CMTS project, including backup, recovery, and mainenance on Solaris high availability configuration.


  • Coordinated testing for latest CMTS project release, including tasking other testers as well as tracking overall testing progress.
  • Developed test plans for all personally made changes to CMTS project software.
  • Developed general test plans for Windows PC applications for CMTS project.


  • Documents processes and procedures for software installations, upgrades, and data maintenance for the DOEHRS project.
  • Created maintenance manuals and database dictionaries detailing databases for the CMTS project, covering details useful to future project developers.
  • Updated users manuals for CMTS project.

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