1/10/0412th Night
5/15/04Hero's Portion
5/29/04Sapphire Joust
6/19/04Stierbach Baronial Birthday 2004
8/2004Pennsic XXXIII
11/6/04Crown Tournament
11/13/04A Day at the Races
7/22/06Stierbach Baronial Birthday 2006
8/2006Pennsic XXXV
8/2008Pennsic XXXVII
Other Events
1/10/02Fairfax Juggling Club
4/24/04Bob and Laura's Wedding
5/8/04Girl's Day Out - National Cathedral
7/4/044th of July
7/2004IJA Buffalo / Niagara Falls
8/7/04Cornell: The Gathering
9/3-5/04Hurricane Hugo Juggilng Festival
9/25/04Bruce's Boat Cruise
10/16/04Ellen & Josh's Wedding
10/30/04Pam's Baby Shower
12/5/04Water Damage
12/25/04Xmas 2004
5/2006Germany Trip