OK, Star Trek fans, we have just beamed down to
the recreation room. Here is the fireplace, with
a beautiful marble and wood mantel.

This was truly built to be a sports room--note the
pennants on the border along the ceiling.
It looks like somebody wasn't playing along, though
since the window treatments have flowers on them.

Here is a view of the back door that leads
out to the brick patio.
Here is the bar and another knick-knack
shelf, along with a set of track lights.

Now we swing around to the right and step back
behind the bar and look out across the lower level
from the back door.

You see two doors to the left, and two doors to
the right. The right hand doors are the laundry
room (closed) and the office (open). The other
two doors are shown in the next picture.

And what's behind door number one and door number

We have under-the-stairs storage, which does wrap
under the staircase, and another closet that I'm
using for my toys.

Now turn around, and behold the last bathroom!

The downstairs bathroom is where the sports theme
really shows through. That wallpaper has little
soccer balls, footballs, baseballs, and other
sports equipment in it. Someday it will go!

This bath has a shower stall across from the toilet,
giving the house a total of three full baths and
one half bath.

Turn to your left and enter the office, then look
to the right for this view.

This room was designed to be another bedroom, but
to me it is clearly the office. Telecommuting is great!

Now turn left and see the other side of the room.

And here is why some of my friends call this room
The Lab. Lots of computer toys!

This window looks out into the front yard, and is
the low window seen in the front view of the house.

Turn left again to see the technical bookcase and
the all-important whiteboard. The door on the right
is hiding more storage space.

And most importantly, the laundry room!
No more quarters, yay!

Are you ready to continue the tour to the
next section? Let's head outside!

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Created: July 24, 1999 / Last Updated: September 27, 2001