Main Level

Here is the foyer area,
just inside the front door.

No, I didn't put the carpet in,
it came that way. It is a very
lovely green, which you will see
a lot while touring the house.

If you turn to the right,
behind the front door,
you'll see the half bath.

(This was some creative
picture taking on my part,
and I admit I removed myself
from the picture before posting it.)

Up the foyer stairs to the left is the living room.

Look, furniture!! This arrived some time ago
but I have only just gotten around to posting new

If you walk over to the couch
and turn back to the left,
you can see out the front window.
You can also see the corner nook for
the TV.
Continue turning left to see the
foyer area from the side.

The coat closet is at the top of the stairs,
and the half bath shown earlier is at the bottom.

Also note the shelf near the ceiling, great for
showing off decorative knick-knacks. All
my sewing projects can finally have a home!

Continue turning left (are you dizzy yet?)
and head down the hall to the country kitchen.

This is the dining room area, with French doors
out to the deck. The lovely folding table shown
here has been replaced with a kitchen table.

Are you feeling green yet? All the window
treatments were left, and I think they were
all done by the developer, since this house
was originally a model home. The ones here
on the main level I like, but someday I hope
to make some changes in some of the other rooms.

As we head down the hall towards the dining room,
look to the right to see the nook for the folding
table rack.

Continuing down the hall, turn left to see
the pretty pictures I brought from my old
apartment. The green goes great with all
the green on the main level.
Now head straight back into the dining room
and turn left to really enter the kitchen.

This is a built in desk on the wall in front
of you (the back of the house is on your right).
I think my Mom will be jealous of this little item!

Turn again to your left to see the big kitchen.

I have more cabinet space than I know what to do
with, big cook that I am (yeah, right!).

Another slight turn left shows you the other side
of the kitchen.

The matching ivy-vine towels did not come with the
house; I actually bought those! It seemed to be
the going theme, so I went with it. I also bought
the clock, which only shows in the updated picture
to the right, along with all my small appliances.

Yet another left turn sets you facing the dining
room again. More new furniture--real chairs!

And there's another knick-knack shelf to play with!

All right, we're going to turn right!
Back down the hall and turn left to face
the stairs.

Are you ready to continue the tour to the
next level? Let's head upstairs!

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Created: July 24, 1999 / Last Updated: April 21, 2000