As you head up the stairs, you pass the side window.

This view is from the top of the stairs. Check out
the neighbor's yard!

Turn around, and check out the hall bathroom.

This is a full bath, with a full bathtub, and
serves the guest room (it's coming up).

Here's some wallpaper that may just have to go.

Now turn left to enter the master bedroom, then
turn back around to face the door you just entered.

We've got some interesting decorating in here.
Here you see stripes and flowers--wait until you
see the windows!

Now we head to the door on the left, the master bath.

The tub you see is a Jacuzzi--there is no shower
curtain because there is no shower head. In the
wall across from the toilet is the shower stall
for normal use. There are two sinks in this
bathroom, although only the far one is currently
visible. The mirror extends to the bedroom wall.

Now turn left again and face the bed.

Here is furniture I brought with my from my last
locale. The colors work pretty well. The quilt
is new, as are the lamps on the nightstand. The
previous lamps are back in the living room where
they belong.

Turn left again to face the front windows.

Now the decorating nightmare is complete--stripes,
plaid, flowers, and a random pattern, all in one
room. At least the colors blend!

Now check out the door in the far left corner--
the linen closet for the master bathroom.

I'm using it more as an old dresser, since I
don't really need the linen space.

Turn left to see the walk-in closet.

Lots of space here. There is even a shoe rack
and a belt rack on the wall behind the door,
joys to a neat-nick!

Back out into the main room again to see the
remaining bedroom wall, with another knick-knack
shelf, already in use with stuffed animals.

New room! Exit the master bedroom, head straight
down the hall, and look to the left. This is the
guest room.
Now turn right and check out the third bedroom.

I'm using this room as a craft room, so I can
make plenty of knick-knacks to fill those shelves!
You can see my new computerized sewing machine, all
ready to go.

Now turn to the right and check out the wallpaper.
I think a little boy occupied this room once.
"And this, too, shall pass." Someday.
Here is where I store some of my craft supplies.
The closet is full of them, too!

Are you ready to continue the tour to the
next level? Let's head downstairs!

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Created: July 24, 1999 / Last Updated: April 21, 2000