Remember this? We're back at the beginning.

Let's head around the outside this time.

First we back up and take a look at the front yard.

Look, trees! A far cry from my old concrete
apartment building. Back to nature!

Of course, this means I now have to mow the lawn.
A new experience!

Now we wander around to the side.

I chose a bad time of day for this--the sun was
not in my favor here. Check out the window--
an end unit townhouse that makes use of its end
unit status! Not much, but a little.

Here's the view from the back.

The fence is all mine, along with the trees inside
it. You can see the deck off the kitchen (we'll
check it out soon).

Now we've entered the back yard through the door
in the fence, so we can see the back of the house
on the lower level.

Along with my deck I've got a little brick patio!
It's nicely shaded by the deck and the trees.

Now turn left and see some of the growth in the yard.

Check out my new lawnmower!

All right, Scotty beamed us up again, this time onto
the deck.

Here is a view of my deck furniture, including the
grill (which I have even successfully used!).

Now turn left and check out the view. I've got to
learn some gardening tips from my neighbor--just
look at those plants! Her front and back yards
are even lovelier.

Thanks for taking the tour!

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Created: July 24, 1999 / Last Updated: September 27, 2001