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In the beginning, there was me. I started out creating a basic peasant blouse and skirt for myself. For fun, I made a headpiece as well, but I never really decorated it. It is the same blue cotton I used on the skirt, and the blouse is an off-white cotton. Since my juggling time really involved spending a lot of time picking up balls off the dirty ground, I figured it wasn't worth starting out with a nice bright white. The red bodice I bought.

Basic Peasant Blouse and Skirt with Bodice

Then I realized that sometimes it rained, and that wasn't any fun without a jacket of some sort. But to be period, jackets were out. So then I made myself a cloak.

Kim Cloak

By then, my friends discovered I could sew, and everyone wanted garb! So I designed a tunic for the guys and made a couple of those, and made another blouse/skirt set for another friend. I also made two more cloaks. Here are tunic and cloak examples:

Mike Tunic   Mike Cloak Lee Tunic

And for fun, since it's kinda crafty and kinda garb-related, although I could never do it by myself, here is a shot of the hair braiding I had done at the Ren Fest:

Hair Braiding

Garb Page 1         Garb Page 2         Garb Page 3         Garb Page 4         Garb Page 5        

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